Timemore U French Press
Timemore U French Press
Timemore U French Press
Timemore U French Press
Timemore U French Press

Timemore U French Press

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The Timemore U French Press is a Glass Press using a very small 0.35mm mesh filter that reduces the amount of fines that might end up in your cup. A Plastic Wrap around the outside ensures all the heat is kept in the brew for a longer hotter coffee. The Spout of the U helps to maintain a steady smooth pour with no drips.

The U French Press feature a minimal, handleless body that is still easy to hold due to the easy grip wrap that serves to keep your tea or coffee hot. The Wrap is also heat-resistant so you’re not burning your hands whilst pouring. 

The Borosilicate Glass Carafe can be removed from the hard wrap to wash and put back easily. There are also markings on the inside of the glass too that will help you measure out your dose and water if you’re brewing without scales. Pouring is smooth and your brew will flow out easily with no drips, due to a tight V shape spout. The U's capacity is 450ml, or two cups of coffee and is available in Black or White.


  • V-shape spout for precise pours
  • High-density stainless steel mesh filter
  • Borosilicate glass that protects from temperature shocks and is easy to clean.
  • Heat resistant cover
  • 450ml capacity
  • Food grade silicon
  • Minimalist sleeve design

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