SSP 64mm Red Speed Burrs

SSP 64mm Red Speed Burrs

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Burr style
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This is the burrset with geometry intended for unimodal grind to draw the best out of lighter roasts and to highlight the flavour characteristics that are treasured in modern espresso. The Unimodal-espresso burrs work well both for filter brews and light roast espresso. In our experience the SSP unimodal-espresso burrs tend to excel in highlighting flavour clarity in lighter roast coffees.

High Uniformity
This burrset offers results closer to the more-traditional espresso experience. This is an all-rounded espresso burrset and can work relatively well with roasts of all spectrum. Compared to the Unimodal burrs, the HU burrs offer a more textured shots for those who value mouthfeel slightly over flavour clarity, and yet with a reasonable level of flavour clarity. For milk drinks, the HU burrs usually offer a punchier flavour in our experience.

Compatible With

  • DF64
  • Mazzer Super Jolly and Mini-E
  • Anfim Caimano and CODY II
  • Lagom P64
  • Fellow Ode
  • Ceado E5P, E6P, and E37J

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