Plasma Coated Burr Set for VS3 Grinder

Plasma Coated Burr Set for VS3 Grinder

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  • Pre-Crushing teeth geometry for a quicker grind (approx. 10 seconds quicker)
  • Hypernova Ti: (440 Stainless Steel Plasma Plated) For espresso and filter.
  • Coated with a thermal plasma spray technology to remove surface imperfections
  • Improved top end range for espresso particle distribution at finer sizes.
  • Medium body, increased clarity and definition of flavour, improved balanced profile and higher acidity
Plasma Coated Hypernova Burr - Key Performance Differences

Base Material:
A base material of 440 Stainless Steel is used for the Hypernova burr set offering an edge hardness of HRC65.
Durability & Heat Sinking:
The plasma coated burrs will have an increase in durability and also heat resistance. The burrs will stay cooler on the cutting edge during grinding and as a result this will impact the overall durability and sharpness of the cutting edge.

Particle Distribution:
The grinding range of the plasma coated burr vs the regular stainless steel will be improved at the top end of finer particle sizes.

Grind Speed & Consistency:
The grind speed of the plasma coated burr is much faster than that of the stainless steel, supernova and hypernova burr types. They are designed with a pre-crushing geometry and the plasma coating helps to achieve a much quicker grind time. 

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