Hypernova Burr Set for VS3 Grinder

Hypernova Burr Set for VS3 Grinder

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  • 1 x Precision CNC'd 6 Core 38mm Hypernova Burr Set (Hardness HRC65).
  • Hypernova Ti: (440 Stainless Steel Titanium Plated) For espresso and filter.
  • Improved top end range for espresso particle distribution at finer sizes.
  • Medium body, increased clarity with slightly more balanced profile when comparing to the Supernova Titanium coated burr set.
Titanium Coated Hypernova Burr - Key Performance Differences

Base Material:
A base material of 440 Stainless Steel is used for the Hypernova burr set offering an edge hardness of HRC65.
Durability & Heat Sinking:
The titanium coated burrs will have an increase in durability and also heat resistance. The burrs will stay cooler on the cutting edge during grinding and as a result this will impact the overall durability and sharpness of the cutting edge.

Particle Distribution:
The grinding range of the titanium coated burr vs the regular stainless steel will be improved at the top end of finer particle sizes.

Grind Speed & Consistency:
The grind speed of the titanium coated burr is slightly slower than that of the stainless steel burr type. The reason for this is the slightly smoother surface of the cutting edge material after treatment as well as the added elements described above. As a result of this the grinding speed can be viewed as slower grinding burr but with a higher consistency rate over the total dose.

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