Cloud Catcher

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Angela - Roaster

Coffee is a curious thing. I love that the more I learn about it, the more I feel I don't know enough about it. It's a never-ending journey where you have to keep pushing yourself to move forward. I started as just a coffee drinker who was in love with the smell and taste of coffee, but it wasn't enough to just enjoy a coffee and wanted to learn more about it. Thus, I started working for a local, family-run cafe as a part-timer after I graduated from university. And well, the rest is history. 

Before I joined Cloud Catcher, I spent a year in Australia to work and travel. I was fortunate enough to work at St. Ali Melbourne and had the opportunity to experience first hand the coffee industry in the world's best coffee scene. It was here that I learned how to roast coffee and am so thankful to Eddy, the Head Roaster of St Ali, who took the time to share his knowledge and take me under his wing. 

How long have you been in the coffee industry? 
On and off for around 7 years. 

What do you think of the Malaysian coffee scene and how does it compare to other coffee cities of the world? 
I would say the coffee scene in Malaysia is growing rapidly. However, the specialty coffee consumers are low in demand if I were to compare it with Melbourne, mainly due to the affordability. 

Which do you enjoy more: roasting, brewing or sourcing? 
I used to enjoy brewing the most when I first started, and now I would definitely choose roasting over anything. 

What's your favourite way of brewing coffee? 
Depending on the occasion, I will normally brew a v60 if I have the time. When it comes to travelling, Aeropress is my best mate. 

What is your pourover recipe? 
I will usually begin with 15g coffee to 250g water with 94 degree celsius water. The total brew time will be around 2:30. 

What roasting machine are you using? 
We are currently roasting with Giesen W15a. 

How would you describe Cloud Catcher's roasting style? 
I would say our roasting style is flavour driven, to bring out the best flavour of each coffee. 

What's the meaning behind the name Cloud Catcher? 
This roastery was conceived with a passion for specialty coffee. Our love affair of coffee has taken us on a journey to seek out the best green beans. And from these trips, we realized that most of these specialty coffees actually grow above the clouds. That's where the name came from. Most of our coffees grow above the clouds. Metaphorically, we're a team of highly passionate individuals with a dream of growing this industry, constantly moving up, chasing the clouds. 

How do you spend your spare time outside of the shop? 
I would usually spend time at home brewing Kombucha or making dessert. Other than that, I do a little bit of volunteering with the animal shelter. 

"If I didn't work in the coffee industry, I would want to be a ______________" 
Animal rescuer! Rescuing stray animals from being abused!