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“12 years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined this is what I would be doing. “Why don’t you get a proper job?” was a common question I dealt with. It took a while to get used to; eventually, as time goes by, it rooted valuable relationships with the people I have worked with.”  

“Coffee competitions were something me and my industry friends looked up to. It’s like the Olympics of coffee, the biggest stage. It has helped build my confidence, value, and purpose in every sense possible. It’s the best teacher I had.”  

Suren is involved with a bit of everything within Cloud Catcher, primarily the Head Roaster which involves everything from the selection of raw green coffees to it reaching the final brewed cup.

“I first learned how to roast by taking a SCA roasting course that got me the basic foundations on the science behind how roasting works. The ultimate guide to me was actually tasting the coffees that we roasted. Doing this regularly helped modulate the roasting techniques, alongside constant feedback and calibration with my industry peers. The rule of thumb with our roasting style at Cloud Catcher is to ensure the profile is flavor focused, meaning to showcase the best out of a particular coffee.” 

What is the most memorable coffee you’ve had?
The most memorable coffee would be back in 2013 which is from Aceh Takengon, Indonesia. Syrupy smooth with layers of complex fruit notes. At that time, it was a mind-blowing experience trying coffee that tasted like that.  

What’s your favorite way of brewing coffee?  
There is no one favorite method for me, I’m usually quite experimental with coffee extractions. If I have to pick one, it would be espresso.  

What roaster are you using?
Giesen W15A & HB L2  

Which do you enjoy more: roasting, brewing, or sourcing?  
It's hard because all 3 of them are connected and somehow relate to one another. The joy of sourcing and roasting happens when the end cup is fully enjoyed and appreciated by many. To me, brewing coffee would be the most enjoyable. 

What’s your favorite region for coffee?  
Generally, coffees that come from Africa. Specifically, Kenyans & Ethiopians.  

What is your pour-over recipe?  
Super coarse grinds, 1:12 ratio, 93-94c, slow pour with 5-6 intervals, 2:15 – 2:30s. That’s to achieve a sweet and dense cup with minimal bitterness.  

What do you do with your time outside of Cloud Catcher?
I find myself socialising most of the time, being around people, sharing conversations and moments. Mostly about coffee. I do enjoy strategic games like chess and poker.  

“If I didn’t work in the coffee industry, I would want to be a _______________”  
Possibly in competitive sports involving motorsports or combat sports.

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