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Knockbox - Los 3 Potros (Best of El Salvador)



Product Description

200g whole bean
Best of El Salvador Auctioned Lot

Origin: El Salvador
Region - Apaneca, Ilamatepec
Process - Natural
Altitude - 1700m
Varietal - Pacamara
Cupping notes: ‚ÄčNectarine, blueberry, apricot, banana pie

"Potros" is Spanish for hoses. This farm name was a blessing from the father to his 3 sons who now manage a group of 7 farms in the region of Apaneca, El Salvador. At 15 manzanas in size, Los 3 Potros' best crop, Pacamara, occupies about 2. This coffee combines a unique varietal with brilliant processing. The result is an award to the quality conscious producer.