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The Coffee Shop / Knockbox - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe "Autumn"

Knockbox - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe "Autumn"



Product Description

200g whole bean

Origin: Ethiopia
Region - Yirgacheffe
Process - Natural
Altitude - 1950 - 2300m
Varietal - Heirloom
Cupping notes: Raspberry, Peach, Papaya, Pinot, Strawberry

Autumn is a sweet time; autumn is harvest time Producers have waited the whole year fo enjoy the fruit of their labour. This coffee is intensely fruity that gives the drinker a colour impression of “red” Yes, the red maple leaf is also a feature of autumn but also strawberry, raspberry, cherries, mandarin, pinot grapes and papaya, all with hues of red and margenta. These profiles are characteristically Sidama, but is increasingly prevalent with naturals from Yirgacheffe.